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  1. I'll check them out when I get a chance.
  2. Haven't heard of them! Will check out. friend of mine likes gold something by jvke should look into this.
  3. Been listening to Groove Coverage myself.
  4. I like Johnny Guitar Watson - He's Back.
  5. I'll check it out when I get a chance. I'm thinking of revisiting some 90s R&B stuff.
  6. Yeah Talking Heads, classic stuff. Check out McCartney II as well, really cool 80s album. 2nd self-titled one after the one with "Baby I'm Amazed."
  7. That's fair. I'm a New Wave guy myself for 80s music.
  8. I like classic 80s stuff a lot like Kokomo or I Don't Like Mondays but 80s era King Crimson is the best of the 80s for me - in a nutshell.
  9. Anri is good, but Yamatrouta is my man. He embodies that whole "nostalgia for a time I never lived" vibe that is the heart of City Pop for me.
  10. For some reason, nothing does it for me quite like Anri.
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