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  1. I know we haven't been talking in a long time but since you gave FFXIII another chance I at least wanted to give you this link (the video is from me):
  2. Yes?
  3. Hey.
  4. Yeah, I'm still not sure what it is that bothers me. I feel I need to see more of her range when dealing with Tifa's personality to tell.
  5. Britt Baron is a way too deep Tifa voice-wise.
  6. Will see how it goes. My GF has been having issues with both Aerith and Tifa. I have yet to do the iconic meet with Aerith so we'll see how I feel about her VA work overall, but Tifa already feels a bit off to me for some reason. I can't quite ut my finger on it. Not sure if it's the VA or just how she's written.
  7. I think Briana is cute. I call her a blueberrmuffin but she does not do an all too well job with Aerith because her English script makes her slum attitude a biiiiiit too much. Briana herself swears alot in her videos so it feels to me like they added that on top. Even if it was not because of her it exaggerates that part a bit too much.
  8. I like Aerith's new VA, not that we've had too many good ones in the past. Cloud's isn't bad, but you can tell he's sort of aping the old one. I think what bugs me more is how many veteran VA's are doing background characters.
  9. Yeah, Tyler Hoechlin has no inhuman vibe.
  10. It's been weird for certain. Not sure if I like Sephy's new English voice. It's just not menacing enough. The first encounter with a Sephy Clone was interesting.
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