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  1. I think a normal talk is better. I wrote the review shortly after I was done the first time therefore some bits and pieces are missing. But believe me, you will notice certain elements that are way to sloppily implemented and thus not as clear as some people make them out to be.
  2. I'll review your review if something comes up that doesn't make sense. It will be interesting to say the least.
  3. Having the Remake now be aware that the English version is not as accurate as it should be. And that certain "important" plot elements are incoherently displayed I think you remember from me saying it.
  4. I'm good with letting sleeping dogs lie. FFX is my second least favorite entry in the series, and while I've come around to VII, having SE try to piggyback a connection to X still irks me a bit.
  5. That is exactly what I mean with proper establishment should be done. Actually fleshing out these things. I love how Materia originally were called Spheres, by the way. But I guess back in the day that was too simple for them. And when it comes to the Lifestream, my God, I mean, technically even XIII has that as Lightning Returns showed. So yeah, establish things. I like the neat little ideas but I want proper answers. Same goes for the Remake ending which people are so sure about and how things work when there is so much ambiguity and inconsistency about it.
  6. I still feel it's pointless to connect the games. I mean FFX only had vague similarities to VII until X-2 seriously changed around a few things. I still feel like the presentation of the Farplane and Lifestream in their respective games are a bit too radically different to be similar enough to warrant a connection.
  7. I mean, it is weird. Let's not start that. It does barely anything new to contribute to a proper establishment. But I personally am glad that at least that is in there.
  8. So they have the boy wonder's picture in the museum? I still find it weird.
  9. I could not see it during my runs because it is a background detail. A picture. But somebody with a sharp eye actually looked at it for more than the 2 seconds that I did. Shinra from FFX-2 is in a picture in the Shinra museum.
  10. No, but I've known about the connection for years and figured SE would get around to bringing it up again. I don't know the details, but considering how much the Remake demo alluded to the Compilation, I'm not surprised they would try to make that connection again. I still think it's a silly detail that hardly adds anything to either game outside of making fans of both games squee in joy.
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