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  1. You already know about it from the remake?
  2. Still feel it's a dumb idea but okay.
  3. So, the Remake 100% canonized FFX. Not that there was any doubt ever.
  4. Well the jump to new tech meant they would have to change some things around just to better incorporate the better tech. I don't know, I'd be more interested if the Remake did pull a Rebuild and started to go off rails after awhile. Not like the later portions of the game couldn't use some rewrites like recruiting Cid or the Big Materia quest. I think the more interesting idea would be if you can save Aerith, but it means Tifa dies instead. That would be an interesting twist that can become connected to the dating minigame.
  5. By rearranged I also meant the "how this is pulled off" which of course is not just about they way to scene xyz but also that scene xyz is a bit different. I think some scenes are just different for thw sake of being that and not because of the in-universe narrative tool.
  6. It is funny because they kept all the core stuff intact. Just like I said I don't think they would ever do something else. They just rearranged bits and pieces and all that. But the ending was like "so, will the core stuff after that not be different ...?" But if I were a betsman I would say no. Sephiroth says something to Cloud at the end and I think because Cloud reacted the way he did it is gonna lead to the normal FFVII stuff. That is my guess.
  7. Sounds like it from your review. Those are some crazy changes. I'm conflicted, because while I always felt the remake would feature a lot of narrative changes from he original, part of this reeks like a Fix-it-Fic though, but it's still too early to tell where this is going.
  8. My head is gonna exploda from so many people thinking some of the wishy-washy themes in the Remake definitey mean xyz when it is way too ambigious. Heck, they do not even understand it is way too ambigious because they do not even see the possibilities. That was definitely not Nojima-san's cleanest writing.
  9. I may end up reading it. The remake was never a priority for me, and the demo proved to not get excited for the gameplay. I'll pick it up eventually, but not at the moment.
  10. Scratch the "not". I meant "now".
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