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  1. I suppose not after googling I know what you mean with your comparison. I have a 10 page summary. Psychotic will post it for me. If you have no plans on playing it soon you can read it.
  2. That's what Fynn was telling me. I hear they're doing a Rebuilt of Evangelion kind of deal with it.
  3. The remake is so gonna surprise you.
  4. As I stated, my general stance of the franchised materials for various FFs has always been that they are bad and not worthy to exist. I mean have you ever recalled once that I stated an FF sequel was good? No, I usually spend my time nitpicking them and tearing apart why I feel they don't work for the narrative. Choosing to invalidate their existence doesn't mean I can't talk about them because objectively speaking, they do exist. I simply argue they shouldn't exist and will rarely bring them up in discussion. If I speak about how Kain Highwind has a great story arc, you will notice I never bring up events from The After Years, or if I do, it's usually in a dismissive tone such as "his arc was great until TAY ruined it" or something. I like to feel I've always been consistent in my general dislike of the other materials, arguing that Cloud's growth in the series is poor, largely due to the other materials wrecking his character growth by being redundant or inconsistent with the original source material. Characters like Cloud and Kain for me only exist as their primary games, I generally feel that every attempt to add to them through other media has been a disservice so I will always argue how these elements don't ever work within the context of what is stated from the source material. The games are a primary source for canon, whereas the other titles are secondary or tertiary at best. Nojima was one writer for VII, there are three other people credited with the script and even more people who worked on individual parts of the game's story that placed their own flourish on it that makes it difficult for me to feel that whatever Nojima, Kitase, or Nomura say about it is the alpha and omega of canon concerning the story. Sakaguchi could say it's they are canon and I probably wouldn't change my position. I don't consider Legends of the Crystals canon either and that was made during Sakaguchi's tenure so it's not exactly like I would say only his words matter.

    I am always up for an interesting discussion, even if it means discussing something I don't necessarily have strong or only negative opinions for. I am not above discussing the Compilation or FF sequels with other people, but my message has always been consistent with my beliefs that they are always bad for the narrative in both execution and subject material. I don't think Genesis added anything of value to the story. I feel Dirge of Cerberus undermines the initial impact of Vincent's story and overly-complicates his role in the mythos due to popularity powers. I did not need to see Cloud get sick and mope around between action sequences just so I could have a twenty minute rematch wire-fu battle with Sephiroth. I didn't need for TAY to explain where the Crystals from IV came from, nor did I need them to undermine the impact of Cecil's greatest character moment by having Kain do the exact same process, but have it hijack half the story. I really didn't need FFX to have a disjointed sequel where a major political schism can be easily rectified by Yuna being possessed by a dead J-Pop artist and performing a concert. The question I always ask when I get serious about the merits of the expansion entries is whether any of it was actually necessary. Did AC really add to Cloud's character that wasn't better said or done in the original proper?

    I am usually against sequels in general unless I feel they bring something to the narrative as a whole. I can get behind something like Chrono Cross because it's not really a CT sequel as it is a Chrono sequel. Largely changing how you view the events of CT but not directly trying to wedge in a new character arc for a cast of characters who ultimately had a strong arc to begin with. I can get behind SH3's plot despite its numerous faults because I can see the story there as take on an old plot from a fresh new perspective.
  5. ReMind has simply fixed the one issue that disheartened me from KHIII to begin with which was finally making the rest of the cast playable.

    As for Cloud's arc being reset by AC, its kind of complicated to answer that. I feel the big question you have to ask concerning Cloud's portrayal in the film simply comes down to whether you read all the supplement materials and whether you're referring to AC or ACC. I originally felt AC had kind of gone back on Cloud's growth from the game, but I simply watched the movie and was not aware of any of the supplement materials because I watched a bootleg that was released 24 hours after the film appeared in Japan, so a lot of context is missing and I blame that on the film by itself not being clear about the nature of Geostigma and not really giving us much background about what happened in the intervening years between the game and film. Of anything, I felt the writing finally decided to address Cloud coming to grips with Aerith's death which I felt was something that really should have been dealt with in the game proper if they were going to bother, so I can understand why many people were likely confused by the films themes and context.

    Course this brings me back to my proverbial soapbox speech about removing relevant material from a story to be piece-mealed away in another medium. A large part of my strong dislike with AC has always been the fact I never felt like it stood well as a film due to half the content being left in novella you need to read to understand the plot; and the other half of the film feeling a bit too self-indulgent on its own cool factor. The writing could be more clear and its annoying that we are dragged into Cloud's personal conflict in media res as opposed to seeing the actual rise and fall of his arc. I also just feel like his emotional conflict is resolved a bit too easily, which just muddles the whole thing for me. So while I wouldn't necessarily agree the film undoes Cloud's character arc in AC, I would agree that his arc in AC isn't written well or satisfactory. AC will always be a film I feel you should watch for the fight scenes and visuals, but ignore the plot because its rubbish. Course I felt the same way about Kingsglaive as well.
  6. So, ReMind's stuff gives me a little hope for KHIII. It is just too bad that exactly what I said, will happen: Trading plotholes for plotholes. Well, I'll be patient. Maybe the plotholes are bearable.

    While I'm at it: A few days ago I have heard a popular streamer say how much he hated AC because "it undoes Cloud's character arc." Do you think that, too? Because both the movie and the game do not cancel out each other. Cloud's character can very much suffer from the problems he has in the movie so I wanted to shoot you a message and see what you say.
  7. I get what it's like to have a series like that. The Big O is one of those for me though most people never heard of it are actively hate it for its non-endings. Great OST as well for both seasons.
  8. I think Noir is a very special anime. It has no overly deep story but it gives me a special feeling the way they present Kirika and I really like the whole colour palette. Canta per Me is truly a great contributor to all of this for me. It has this tragic and yet so beautiful element to it. And I think that is kinda what woulld describe Noir for me as well. Kinda like the Park in Nier Automata. Its visuals and music are also "amazement and tragedy" for me. HUH! NOIR. NIER. And Kirika is nothing special when it comes to one thing. She has the same "surprise" as Battosai, Train Hearnett and Vash the Stampede which is the "oh my god, there is this other side that even to an extent seems like a seperate person" thing but I still like her and feel sorry for her. I think the anime should have gotten more episodes or have a manga that extends it. But it is a very special thing being anime only even to this day. Never started as manga, never got one.

    I sometimes silently sung and/or hummed Canta per Me before and I think also during exams in university. It kinda calmed me as it is a special song for me.
  9. Oh yeah, I remember Noir, though I feel her soundtrack was the best part of it. I picked up her Fiction album to get some of the tracks from that OST as well as .hack:Signs.
  10. Since you are fond of Kajiura-san, do you know Noir?

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