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  1. wow
  2. Ho
  3. Hey
  4. pumpkin i drew thing
  5. KK

    Imma make everyone play the Witcher then
  6. Can be whatever you want so long as its game related. Reviews, series, opinions, why you should plays, etc
  7. When do you want the thing? You want it to be a feature-feature or a review of a thing you don't play? I'm kind of tied up at the mo with the spooky story and the novel, but I will try to get something whenever I have something to talk about!
  8. Yay thank you!

    Just write a thingy whenever and send it to me. Or multiple things even
  9. Sure thing, tangerine!
  10. I am make a video game blog site thing and want to do guest features. Would you like to write a thing? No rush but just somewhere down the line
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