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  1. I love how the site has more critics now since I first joined. I also love the fact we both inspired Vyk to write his own review.
  2. It's pretty good! I'm writing my Tales of Graces f review right now but that's not for the site it's for my video game journal
  3. Thank you ^.^

    How's life as an editor getting rid of dem nasty typos?
  4. Cool, glad you're starting to feel better
  5. Better. My coughing is starting to go down, but my ribs are hurting. Just finished my half of the Batman review and waiting on maybee's half.
  6. It goes okay, how are you?
  7. Speed demon! What do you want with me?

    I mean, how goes it?
  8. hello
  9. I'm Batgirl. Or Batwoman?

    I don't know, both look like the same exact character despite having nothing to do with the other.

  10. Hope I still like them for the first half, anyway.
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