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  1. I have gifs and everything.

  2. You'll also be raging at me in a few days, so look forward to that
  3. Me neither. Only Breath of Fire game I played was IV.

    I probably depress a lot of people that way.
  4. Never played it so

    yes definitely. It's my number 1, congrats, you figured it out!
  5. *gasps*

    Breath of Fire III confirmed.
  6. I'll spoil it more!

    There's also

    some RPG's

  7. Spoilers! I'm not gonna look.

  8. Lists are cool. And yeah there's definitely some Tekken games up there
  9. I've been expecting to see Tekken there since the list started. You can expect some fighting games to show up on my list, too 8D

    So many lists!
  10. Sounds good

    You can expect some fighting games on my list on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I'm doing 3 a day now so that way it only takes a month and not forever. 97 games is a lot of games. I was only doing 2 a day because I had to finish ranking a certain Zelda game. I still have one more game to rank but I already know its going to be much higher so I have time to finish it
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