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  1. I think about it often, actually. (Like, a weird amount for something that happened almost a decade ago.) Hanging out with you, other Dan, and your mates was easily one of the highlights of that trip for me. I hope you guys are all doing well these days, particularly in such a smurfed world and context like we have now.
  2. Remember that time you crashed on my couch?
  3. It has perks, I suppose. But it's just... I got the internet.
  4. I find the idea of actually venturing into such a place quite repulsive actually!
  5. I could imagine seeing a place like that. Everywhere here has such unimaginative names. I wonder if the insides are any good. Never been appropriate time to visit when I wander past.
  6. The Strip Joint would be called G's Bees.
  7. Hard Time GoBo. Has a strange stripper ring to it.
  8. I just love giving people a hard time
  9. Maybe we shouldn't derail the thread. But I thought it would make people go "huh, what?" so a name change seems like fun. It can change back whenever the option opens up to me; I'm sure if I asked BoB to make things right, he would. Albeit not right now, as I seem to have inadvertently angered him superbad xD
  10. Yeah, I went out too early last time to notice/wasn't hosting. I'll probably bring this up in the events committee.
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