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  1. retirement
  2. Hahaha I undid all the friends because I didn't recognize a lot of them which I thought was stupid
  3. also the one thing i see on your profile is: "Goldenboko has not made any friends yet ." just thought i'd point that out
  4. well look at your swanky blue title thang
  6. Don't worry, EoFF was down during my birthday no one got a chance to say happy birthday =P
  7. Hi!
    Guess what.
    I'm stupid!
    Happy belated birthday.
  8. Nope. 6th of May
  9. OMG
    i thought march 6th was your birthday
    and i was like noooo i missed it
    but it's not
  10. Super special awesome high-five, Goldenboko! (h5)

    the answer to everything is 7, there can't be any denial against it, aduhhh.
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