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  1. In the original yes, in the port, it was fixed. Though I imagine that is on easy mode of the Origins version. Ultima is a troutty spell in my file compared to other spells, but I am playing on Normal which is basically OG mode. So perhaps I should just cut my losses then. I'm just grateful later titles don't pull that stunt.

    On the flip side though, coming back after SaGa marathon has changed my playstyle a bit and I see why the majority of magic is Buff/Debuff type stuff. Kawazu is really big on it, which is why it's weird going through Re;Universe and seeing most of the game's magic is relegated to pure offense when offensive magic is only good in maybe four entries of the series. Two of which are the Gameboy entries and still had some FF elements at play.
  2. Isn’t Ultima bad because one programmer decided an old spell would be worse or something? I remember Sakaguchi being pretty upset about that
  3. Good video. I've had to have that discussion with some people.

    As for FFII, I finished the Jade Passage, but I'm still trying to grind those spell levels. God I hate the magic leveling system in this game. I mean granted, you don't need to max out the levels because you start getting depreciating returns after awhile, but it just makes Ultima even more of a scrappy mechanic than it needs to be. The nice thing about SaGa is how better magic works in those games. Well until Unlimited SaGa that is...
  4. Here’s an extremely important video on my craft

  5. Yeah, it’s clear this is where it all started but it’s distinct enough to not just feel like a prototype in comparison.
  6. It is a bit weird playing FFII after playing most of the SaGa franchise after it. Like I can see the bones of SaGa in the game but it's interesting seeing what changed over time from the initial concept.
  7. Lol, it's honestly not that bad. If you can beat Shin Megami Tensei 1, then you shouldn't have too many problems with FFIII.

    The biggest factor to remember is that you should take some time to grind a level or two between locations.
  8. I will definitely need you to hold my hand throughout all this
  9. Yes and no... It doesn't have the job levels like the DS version shows, but you do get proficiency points for sticking with a job for awhile. On the brighside, you don't get punished for switching jobs in this version.

    I will also warn you that magic and skills can actually miss in this game, so be mindful of that. While the game has re-targeting (thank god) damage algorithms are still somewhat RNG based, so don't expect consistency when it comes to damage anymore. That's probably the biggest thing that takes a bit of getting used to.
  10. Do I recall correctly that the original also doesn’t have separate job levels?
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