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  1. I AM BACK!! BUT ARE YOU!!??
  2. Could be worse. Certainly not better.
  3. Is everything better now?
  4. I have been. I have been well. I have been poorly. I have been many things. Not rich, unfortunately, but other things. Happy. Depressed. Drunk, though not for some time. Fatigued and pained, as per my unfortunate physical condition. But I have been at peace, too—in a sense, at the very least.
  5. How have you been!?
  6. Oh, did you tell her that Psy is going to sweep again? Psy always sweep. If he doesn't, then it is not a ciddies at all or BoB rigged the results because I always come back secretly during the ciddies periods with a few thousands accounts to vote for Psy.

    Anyway, sorry for whatever that happened. I hope it is all better now. Take care.
  7. Perhaps. It's hard to say. She was excited about the Ciddies -- the one before last she watched occur over my shoulder -- but certain events immediately prior to the Ciddies just gone have soured the event for her, I think. At least it has done so for me. I did not participate and I will likely never participate in an event orchestrated by someone who categorically dismisses my feelings and lies to my face. But that is a long, bothersome tale and I have made great efforts to stop caring about the institution and the website. EoFF is no longer a home for me, and when that feeling was arrived at because of the top of the pyramid, it's clear that I do not belong.
  8. Very lucky indeed! Even luckier for EoFF that you've brought her here!

    Does she finds it funny that we have internet awards like Ciddies? I know it was pretty funny for me when I realized Ciddies existed.
  9. I have cultivated a very refined palette of video games and I hope to impart that onto my fair lady. She, likewise, has educated me on all manner of things. It is a very profitable relationship for the both of us, I do think. I am lucky to have a hold of her!
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