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  1. Oh you must have been there in summer!

    Where in Nicaragua are you moving to? Do you have a job lined up there?
  2. Hey, there were definitely one or two sunny days when I visited!
  3. That's very cool! I'm incredibly jealous. Especially because Wellington and sun don't mix.

    I'm very excited for you!!
  4. It's cheap and has good internet lol. Also sun, sea, & sand aren't nothing to complain about.
  5. Holy whaaaa that's exciting! Why Nicaragua??
  6. i did ded and wil mor ded

    Life has been busy and I'm moving to Nicaragua soon, but I thought I'd stick my head in EoFF for a tickle.
  7. no u ded
  8. y u ded
  9. I'm going to Sydney next week to present my paper wish me luuuuccckkk
  10. Bio on your CV, tagline on your linkedin, tattoo it across your forehead. THE WORLD MUST KNOW.
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