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    And yeah, I think the Brits brought their weather with them when they colonised us.

    I realized yesterday that over half our usernotes have been from this year and last! Even though our first one was 15 years ago!

    Sounds like English summer, autumn, winter, and spring, tbh.
  3. Oh, and I start classes again next week! Wish me luck!
  4. Heh, not really, it's been raining mostly. I poured down nonstop for about two weeks, then disappeared for a few days, then came back for another few weeks. That's NZ summer for ya :P
  5. Who doesn't love spreadsheets and trout?

    Man, I can't wait for winter to go away. I'm guessing you're having a lovely time in summer? xD
  6. Even fuller nerd!
  7. Go full nerd on every occasion.
  8. I love that! Everyone needs to go full nerd on occasion!
  9. I'll let you know how PF2E goes! It's letting me engage my full nerd, playing with maps and minis and trout! xD

    Highly recommend Blades in the Dark for any group. So much fun.
  10. Those all sound amazing!
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