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  1. I actually bought some KFC after this and it was extremely mediocre.
  2. Yeah when I was 19 I lived above a KFC, with a pizza place and McDonald's down the road. I'm surprised I made it to 30 tbh.
  3. Honestly, there's something delightful about a dirty spicy chicken burger.

    There was a great place near me during uni days which probably contributed heavily to my depression and obesity during that time, but smurf me dead those spicy chicken burgers were great.
  4. I could go for some K-fry rn
  6. kerderr ferr cherrkerr
  7. kuhdunky furd chimkim
  8. Quintrucky fred kikkun
  9. Also an absolute banger. Can tell you're a word person.
  10. Srsly though, if I wrote an autobiography I'd probably call it "You've Got Fail".
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