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  1. I'll try to empty the stapler before I try it.
  2. ENSURE THE STAPLER IS EMPTY. By Jingo doth it hurt. Well...not really actually.
  3. Ouchies. I gotta try that.
  4. I stapled a post-it note to my head once. I didn't mean to. It was supposed to be magic but I forget to check the stapler was empty.
  5. I put a post-it on my head once. Though that isn't nearly as riveting as your story, Quin.
  6. I got hit by a fire engine. It was speeding because it was on fire. The ambulance that came to help me didn't notice me so ended up running right over me.

    That was a fun night.
  7. Weeeeoooo I am a fire engine.
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