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  1. Hey, that ain't bad!
  2. Quinn the tail on the donkey?
  3. It's genuinely an impressive feat of body contortion, to be fair.
  4. *begins to hop* Come back here! It's hard to do this without severing a nard.
  5. I refuse to embrace your Old Man Winter.
  7. oh my smurfing christ ive just remembered old man winter xD

    please delete this memory please thank you
  8. That thread from years ago where I explained how I chased my wife around occasionally by bending over, stuffing my junk between my legs, and hopping at her while facing backwards.

    Just standard foreplay stuff.
  9. Happy holidays to you! It's good to be back here.

    I do not understand the Old Man Winter thing :eyes:
  10. You're always good at making me chuckle too. Happy Holidays!

    Don't forget about Old Man Winter. I make sure my wife doesn't.
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