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  1. Happy it made you happy, my man. Enjoy a JRPG Squeenix should be making.
  2. I've been loving Persona 5 to death man. I can't thank you guys enough for being so kind.
  3. Checkmate.
  4. My concern is that any witnesses sloth-lawyer brings to the stand will die of starvation during questioning or cross-examination.

    A long with the judge, jury, and anyone locked in the room.
  5. Luckily I get paid by the hour.
  6. Good lord, the sheer amount of billable hours a sloth-lawyer can charge has to be outrageous. One of us will, eventually, be in financial ruin.
  7. Oh I'll bring it! You'll be hearing from my sloth lawyer in 5-10 years!
  8. We were having a fun chat, but were probably derailing the thread a little so I moved here. It made me go poke around the internets to see what other people may think, since I don't believe there's a clear right and wrong answer really.

    Not sure if I agree with everything he's pondering, and I'm not sure if you'd agree with it either, but it's interesting to read different perspectives.
  9. It's cheap (I got the $10k version), simple, drives well, and I'm literally saving the car payment in gas every month. I've managed to get as low as 5L/100km on my drive home before. Plus it's purple.

    So long story short, I love it, but if I were the sort of person who cared about having it fully loaded I'd probably hate it because it's a lot to pay for this car.
  10. I personally like the new Mirage, but I only like the idea at this point. I haven't actually driven one. I also think 16-17k for a loaded one is still high. I'd also avoid the CVT trans option like the plague, because the whole point is to make it cheap, simple, and easier to maintain.

    This fellow hates them. So what is your review at this point?
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