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  1. That's pretty much the point. I honestly enjoyed doing the write-ups, though I probably should have done them in Word and dealt with formatting it to the forum post, rather than just write them in one go as a post. Would have cut down on a lot of my grammatical errors. Lol
  2. Yeah that's always great. I'd imagine my list isn't exactly full of surprises (hasn't been too long since we did that JRPG tier list thing either) but lots of titles I still want to talk about and hope to incite some excitement for ^^ and more than anything I'm just thinking it'll be fun to do.
  3. I had a lot of fun doing my Top List, and I delayed for awhile because I was replaying a few classics to see how my opinion had changed overtime. Really the best part is just exposing people to new games for them. I got my best satisfaction when people would tell me during my list that they checked out a few titles on it. So yeah, go for it. It doesn't need to be long, I mean Fynn and Punpkin did excellent lists and neither did a hundred, so keep it within the confines of how you want to do it.
  4. Looking forward to it if you do ^^ also I was planning on doing a Top games list of my own at some point although it'd be more on the scale of like 30 games tops I suppose. Though I'll try and get through some more games on my immediate list first, so it might be a while still. Still, always tempting to give those games you love a bit more exposure.
  5. I like VII more than I let on, but I'm also not exactly the biggest fan of it either. I think I mentioned it awhile back, but I honestly don't have any real nostalgia for it like a lot of fans do, and I was already neatly invested with the RPG genre before it came out so it was hardly my first RPG either. If I ever get further down the road with my Retrospectives, I'm sure the one I give for VII might be interesting for a few folks around here.
  6. That's an interesting lineup of games. Didn't realize you were replaying VII ^^ despite everything I still do enjoy the game a bunch, hope you did too. I've been playing some more .hack//G.U. (finished the first volume storyline-wise, god I'd almost forgotten how much I liked this game), but also just watching a lot of Let's Plays and streams on the side, primarily of Chrono Trigger, Crash Team Racing and Warcraft III.

    Hmm, I know Trails of Cold Steel (1+2) at least is both on PS3 and PS4 by now. Wondering if they'll also rerelease Trails in the Sky on the PS4, would be pretty convenient to finally catch up on it.
  7. I've been bouncing back and forth between FFVII, FFV, Pokemon Ruby, and Soul Hackers. I've also been meaning to jump back into Trials of Mana since I never finished my playthrough. VII is almost done, I was at the end anyway and just needed to clean up the extra stuff like Master Materia and WEAPONS. I actually took both down last night with little problem. I really need to jump back into FFV for both the Let's Play and the retrospective article I started.

    I now realize the reason I missed Legend of Heroes series is because the franchise has a knack for always being on systems I don't play on very much. Didin't realize it started as a PSP title with the original remake. I know its all on Steam, but I have such a bad track record with playing games on my PC, especially if they can't be beaten in one session.

    What have you been playing?
  8. What've you been playing recently btw?
  9. Yeah, it really is odd how it has taken the genre so long to catch up with difficulty curves. It feels like only Action-RPGs in the past really bothered. Then again, the genre use to be pretty challenging back in the day as well, so years of just trying to make it accessible has pretty much destroyed that old reputation.

    As for whittling Elizabeth down, unfortunately that doesn't work. Yes she only heals once, but once her health dips below 9999hp a second time, she just switches to Pixie and spams her overpowered Megidoloan spell until you're dead, so you really cannot let her heal even once.

    As for Masakado's Shadow, yeah this fight is pretty brutal, but like most of the fights the difficult part is really just making the right team to beat him, and as I mentioned, acquiring them is a challenge because all of them are optional DLC bosses with their own bulltrout requirement. Sanat and Ancient of Days are the optional Law and Chaos superbosses and both of them have their own BS issues like the fact that they have specific counters for exploiting their weaknesses that make doing so impossible to beat them. The only thing that really saves you with any of these bosses is the fact SMTIV drops the defense stat entirely, so it really comes down to shaving off all of their health quickly before they start spamming their BS moves.
  10. I mean some games are ahead of the curve there at least; Falcom comes to mind, I think all their modern games have like 5 difficulty settings. Plus Persona 5 did it and allowed you to switch on the fly. So I guess it's becoming more common, though it really should be standard practice already.

    Damn that Masakado fight sounds brutal. I'm relatively familiar with the Elizabeth fight and how it plays out, I just never did it. Tho I think there are weapons that have High Counter? Guess depending on your damage setup you might not need anything else on your weapon anyways. Plus she'll only cast the full heal once per battle so if you hurry on up you can actually reduce her HP twice before the "timer" runs out.
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