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  1. Okay!
  2. I noticed! I'll take a look once I have a bit more time on my hands
  3. Hey Fynn! I actually ended up doing some writing for your Food Prompt!
  4. Indeed. The last one was a bit too long, I've come to realize. Besides, that's what people called me anyway
  5. Oh, I see you've decided to shorten your screen name.
  6. That's great!
  7. There it is - changed my sig for all to see
  8. Cool!

    If you ever want to draw any more of my characters, then you know... i don't mind or anything
  9. Hmm, well I don't really have an OCs of my own, so that's out of the picture. I also can't think up of a prompt at the moment, but if I do come up with something for you, I'll let you know! Don't worry about it for now!
  10. It still feels amazing though You totally made my day!

    If you had any OCs I'd return the favor... Is there any way I can draw a crossover picture? Like, you can give me a prompt or something and I'll do it
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