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  1. I'm going to Sydney next week to present my paper wish me luuuuccckkk
  2. Bio on your CV, tagline on your linkedin, tattoo it across your forehead. THE WORLD MUST KNOW.
  3. I already do.
  4. Just tell everyone that you were Dr. Acula before Scrubs came out.
  5. I'm just sad I didn't think of it.
  6. To be fair, Dr. Acula is a slam dunk.
  7. Awww baby Quin.

    I've only had the one name, because honestly I can't think of a better pun.
  8. I believe that was my third name. I was just a babe then.
  9. Remember when you were Harle-Quin and everyone called you Harle? Those were simpler times.

    I hope you drank a lot and had funnnnn
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