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  1. Ah yes, the nostalgia indeed. xD Hard to believe eleven years have passed by already! Even longer for some of the original ezboard members though.
  2. I remember those days pretty well, yeah, you were a proper legend in EoEO back when EoEO didn't involve much to do with politics and was more to do with everyone's lives. And you were an admin, I think, over at Squally's site, FF Infinate or whatever it was... I just remember it having a typo in the name. xD And yeah, I don't remember what it was for custom avatars (as let's face it, I never used one ) but it was at one point something like what you said for custom titles. It got changed to eight months after we moved to vBulletin, I think. Good times. =] Hooray for nostalgia!
  3. Hah! Well technically my post count is considerably higher than that. I think I had over 1500 posts before the wipe. I only remember because I had to ask Britt if he could enable my custom title. xD Wasn't it: 1000 posts for a custom avatar and 1500 for custom signature? I can't quite remember. And then we lost the board right after I got my custom title. I think I had it for nearly a month before the white pages of death started. Of course, I was Shadow94553 back between 2000-2001. And there I go rambling about silly details again...
  4. From chat, just now...

    [19:53] <Loony_BoB> man, Shadowdust is online
    [19:53] <Loony_BoB> I can't believe he's still at EoFF, it's crazy.
    [19:53] * Jen doesn't know Shadowdust :/
    [19:53] <Mirage> I can!
    [19:53] <Loony_BoB> He has been around since before the latest database wipe
    [19:53] <Loony_BoB> so he is userid 83
    [19:53] <Jen> wow
    [19:54] <Loony_BoB> and he has consistently posted every other month or so
    [19:54] <Loony_BoB> and yet only has a postcount of 478 or so
    [19:54] <Jen> that's cool
    [19:54] <Jen> lolz
    [19:54] <Loony_BoB> that's pretty unique
  5. Thanks for the compliment, man. That was really nice to read.
  6. Just felt like pointing out that I'm really glad that you're still around. Better to be less active than not active at all, and you were always one of the better members.
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