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  1. I’ve never been a fan of the dream eater mechanics if I’m being perfectly honest. It’s the one big blemish on an overall outstandingly fun game in terms of gameplay. Sucks to hear it’s even worse in the remaster, but it’s also not surprising.

    And yes, χ is super frustrating for this as I can never maintain enough focus to really get anywhere in terms of plot. Though I think you can blaze through the initial story now in some way? But yeah, I feel like it being divided into seasons and being ongoing is the worst. I don’t want to need to be glued to a stupid gacha game in order to keep up with lore that’ll turn out to be crucial for the upcoming story arcs of this series
  2. The first good problem I'm having with 3D is that it makes me want to replay TWEWY. Love those characters.

    I'm getting used to petting characters but I'm annoyed that they used the central pad for the pet games. That thing is nowhere near as precise as a bottom screen for a DS/3DS and it shows with things like the balloon game.

    I'm also being reminded about how annoying I find Union X/chi for being incredibly interesting but terribly told due to its nature as a mobile game.
  3. Well the Nintendo SNES collection only has the first two games, and I figured I would play them in order.

    As for the PC, it would probably depend. I mean if they allowed you to use both a mouse and a controller, it might not be too different.
  4. I do wonder how they’ll go about the dream eaters on PC. BoF is cool, though still my least favorite of that series
  5. I am also replaying Breath of Fire 1 on my Switch.
  6. I can say for certain now that I miss the stylus controls for this game. Trying to use a standard controller for things like the Reality Shifts and Dream Eater pet sim parts is leaving me wanting.
  7. We'll have to see if Demon's Souls ever gets one.
  8. I’m still holding out hope they’ll port it one day
  9. But Bloodborne Fynn....

  10. Yeah, that recent announcement that KH is coming to PC really got me going too. But those prices. Oof. But hey, now all I have to wait for is Persona 5 and I’ll no longer have any reason to want a PS4

    As for 3D, just try to make the best of it! Even if you hate the story, there is still tons of fun to be had in there
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