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  1. On a second listen, it's more country rock than country and western.
  2. How so?
  3. I don't think anything is more interesting than listening to a Japanese singer try to sing American Country and western music.
  4. I think I'm just in between games at the moment kind of deal. Nothing is grabbing me. I'm even debating about playing Xenogears or Chrono Trigger again.
  5. That’s a lot of options
  6. Part of me is debating about going back to FFX-2, part of me is debating about jumping back into Digital Devil Saga, and the last part of me is thinking of finishing up some loose ends in FFXII:TZA. I'm also thinking about jumping back into SMTII and trying to beat that before Nocturne comes out.
  7. “Good” is relative. All I know is that me made feel for Shuyin and Lenne more than FFX could ever make me feel for Tidus and Yuna \_(ツ)_/ Plus, the song still slaps. The duet in the English version is a really nice touch
  8. You say good, I say narm...
  9. It is Chapter 4 yeah. It’s also just the one legitimately good segment in an otherwise crappy plot. The game really does go by faster post-chapter 3
  10. Ugh, don't I also have to do the silly concert in Chapter 4 or was that the beginning of Chapter 5?
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