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  1. Personally, I am in love with the Stand by Me trailer. I had never heard anything by Florence and the Machine before, and this really made me interested in them
  2. Yeah, I still need to watch the trailers for everything. I've been too busy with other things to really delve into all of the XV news.
  3. It would actually explain why it took so long. Kingsglaive looks ridiculously good, so development must have been underway for years
  4. To be fair, it has been often cited that it was Wada's idea to franchise individual FF games with more sequels and collections, so now that he's no longer in charge, they may hold back on that angle. I wouldn't be surprised if the film/anime ideas were already in the pipeline back when the game was Versus XIII considering the game was started during the height of the VII Compilation.
  5. Uggghhhh

    You know what, okay. The game looks great as is. I'm confident it will be good, and if it's successful and they decide to add sequels later with just as much effort and passion out into it, I'm fine with that. Just don't push for more games before XV's release please

    Thank God for TabatA, seriously
  6. Just wait for it... We're also talking about a game where Nomura and Wada were discussing sequels for it back when it was still Versus XIII.
  7. Yeah, I can see that. Though on the other hand, the material is already familiar to the fanbase considering how everyone had their eyes on the development process, so, who knows? In any case, yeah, I would also prefer XV to be self-contained, but on the bright side, at least it's not three games instead of one. A movie and 5-episode anime (with 10-minute episodes) are comparatively easy to catch up on.
  8. I'm always a bit thrown off when a relatively new and untested IP comes out kicking and punching with different multimedia. I'm more concerned that some of this will be required watching because the main game will reference it but not actually bother explaining it, or certain characters prominent in the other media get downsized in the game. Basically I've seen this type of stuff jeopardize the integrity of the main story.
  9. Well, Ive seen the first episode and it's aight. It's really more about promoting the game than being an anime on its own, so it's good for what it is. Nicely showcases the character personalities.

    I'm on the fence about the movie, though. I mean, it's cool that we get Regis' perspective, but I don't like how off-model the characters are and that they brought big-name actors just for the movie for important characters that won't reprise their roles in the games. I mean, I don't know about Sean Bean, but I know Lena Headey isn't gonna voice Luna in-game
  10. The demo for BD was pretty cool and having it saved on your 3DS when you got the full game allowed it to transfer townspeople to the town building minigame as well. I hear the BD2 demo does something similar. I won't touch it until I finish BD1 though.

    Yep, lot of FFXV News yesterday. Not sure how I feel about the OVA series and AC-style movie though...
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