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  1. Ah. Sounds like I would never want to work there.
  2. I don't know what that is.
  3. So what are your thoughts on Change the Channel?
  4. They have some church services every Wednesday at 3:30. It's pretty nice.
  5. So you found God at a mental facility? Interesting.
  6. I wanted to tell you something that may be surprising, but, I'm a Christian now. Yeah, turned to God in the midst of my troubles. Kinda fell out of it again later, then came back to it and asked for forgiveness. But I currently identify as Christian.
  7. I'd rep your post if I could because that cookie monster icon was well timed.
  8. Man, I already fried my brain today. Use first grader words.
  9. Why not?

    Nothing in the world has inherent meaning. We are but atoms suspended in an uncaring void, drifting in what may be complete pointlessness. Memories are meaningless, time is a social construct.

    So, you know, who cares? Don't go to sleep if you don't feel like it XD
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