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  1. It might depend on your surroundings, I think. I mean, here in Poland, most of us are medium to dark blonde.
  2. I tend to have a bunch of brunettes, myself.
  3. I have a character in my novel who's a ginger with a pixie cut, though she's got blue eyes I notice that in whatever I write, there's at least one person with red or auburn hair, and at least one person with sandy hair. Weird.
  4. I have a weakness for gingers.
  5. That's really interesting
  6. Utena was the original base for my staple character Tori Jacobs who had red hair and green eyes, so I changed her hair and eye color accordingly. Lately it's became my avatar (lol pun) online.
  7. I like the Utena thing you've got going on. Why is her hair red, though?
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