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  1. Okay. I'll start bugging you more about this. GET TO WORK! *whip sounds*

  2. Okay, so I’m saying this now in order to be accountable because you’ve kinda sorta become my writing partner over time: if I don’t submit my novel-related short to you by tomorrow, I am a disgusting human being that can’t ever finish what he started. I need to get this project off the ground and I can’t keep procrastinating. It’s write or die now, basically.
  3. True, he got a lot of comments for that.
  4. I love his voice for the fact that he’s apparently very young but sounds like this philosophy professor
  5. Yeah, this guy does some interesting videos. I discovered him when I got into Dark Souls. His voice is a bit droning for my taste, but he has an interesting opinion most of the time.
  6. That did actually pop up in my feed! I’ll take a look later, thanks
  7. Exactly. It’s the audience participation that’s the most exciting prospect
  8. Honestly, I feel its the reactions from others concerning a story that's the most fascinating part. Now granted, I can imagine being annoyed if people missed the point of my message in a story, but I'm not sure I would try to throw some word of god in there because I know it's futile. I feel for my own works, I would be more intrigued to figure out if the different takes on the story was subconsciously an effort on my part or a happy surprise I didn't think of.
  9. So I’ve just watched the video you sent me. It was pretty cool. It still amazes me how there are people so bent on authorial intent, the writers themselves included, that they refuse to acknowledge that there might be something in there that they didn’t intend. Just like we convey meaning in everyday life through various unconscious cues, often communicating things we never intended, it’s pretty obvious that this will happen through fiction too.
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