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  1. Thanks! I've actually seen this before - it's a very nice remix indeed!

    I found this really cool FF VI arrangement of the song "Asgore" from Undertale! I thought you might appreciate it since you said that you really liked Undertale's OST.
  3. Ah, don't worry about it I completely understand!
  4. Sorry Fynn, I've been pretty busy with life lately. (I've hardly had time to do the drawing prompts either!). Thank you for the invite though!
  5. Hey Lyndis! I know you were interested in the old mafia game but didn't get to sign up on time, so if you want you can join the next game coming up! This one's going to be pretty big (16 people), so we need everyone we can get
  6. Awesome!
  7. Drawing prompts are back up
  8. But I know what you mean. Had to repost all my pics without the moogle hugs
  9. Don't worry you'll get them back in no time
  10. Yeah it is. I'm just sad I lost all the Moogle Hugs you guys gave me
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