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  1. Did you see the Persona 5 one?
  2. Already saw it ^^ fun stuff
  3. Figure you would appreciate this:
  4. I need to get around to Odin Sphere. I also wanted to check out Muramasa as well. I love their 2D art style.
  5. Well Aegis Rim is pretty fantastic so far ^^ if it's a game you're interested in I highly recommend checking it out.
  6. No, but I actually do own Odin Sphere. I just haven't gotten around to playing it yet.
  7. Not sure now, have you played any Vanillaware games?
  8. This is exactly what I needed during break at work today. It's beautiful. Thanks ^^
  9. Figured you would appreciate this:
  10. Yeah thanks, I need it. It's been a rough year for me so far in the personal sphere. I'll make it through though.
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