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  1. Very nice. Bulgarian choirs are certainly pleasant to listen to.
  2. So the YouTube algorithm brought me this. And since a Bulgarian choir is what basically made the best Xenogears track the best, I’ve decided you might enjoy this too

  3. Sorry got a bit swamped this weekend lol. Just watched that Witcher video btw. Very amusing. I find it especially funny how they summarized the Keira quest as being friebdzoned when your only option with her in the game if you want to pursue her is a friends with benefits kinda situation.

    I’ll get back to you on the Bloodborne music stuff later. I’ll probably need a while to immerse myself in that
  4. Been re-listening to the Death Stranding OST, and I really forget how good it is. It's pretty ambient of course, but like Sakimotot's scores, listening to it by itself without context is pretty insightful.
  5. Sounds like a plan.

    Also this:
  6. Not yet, but I did find a pretty big list of free ones and I have an idea for a story. I think I’m gonna write and edit one first, then find a contest that fits
  7. That's great! Any particular ones?
  8. I’ve started thinking of entering some writing contests again
  9. I feel like the Challenge dungeons only make sense with newer versions to just better prepare your party for the later chapters. Before that, it tied over fans waiting for the next chapter when it was a cell phone game.
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