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  1. Eh, chapter 4 is just commspheres anyway.
  2. Yeah but I'm still in Chapter 3...
  3. Get X-2 over and done with
  4. Well with KHIII done and out of my system I need to decide if I'm going back to Sekiro or FFX-2.
  5. Do the original and come back for the expansions, unless you're having too much fun.
  6. My goal for the marathon is to fill out the blanks I have in the series. So I kind of need to beat the story of all the expansions. Here’s hoping I actually manage
  7. Oh I totally understand. I imagine when I try to play again, I'll see if I can finish the main plot of the original game and go from there on whether I want to bother with the expansions.
  8. The time commitment. I’d be way more into the idea of MMOs if most of them didn’t basically act like a second job
  9. Playing alone or the time commitment? I mean my understanding is that the game is much easier to reach the end, so it's likely less grindy than it used to be.
  10. That is exactly what’s intimidating me
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