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  1. Why? It's far more user-friendly than when I played it and even when I was playing it was when they finally started making it more user friendly. My understanding is you can solo the main story campaigns at this point. You just just need people for endgame stuff which I'm likely not even going to bother with. I think the bigger issue for me will be the time commitment which is always a major hurdle for me with this genre.
  2. I’m actually thinking of hiring an artist later on because I’m nowhere near the level I need to be to realize my vision lol. Which is why I said it’ll probably never come to be. But I’ll try.

    As for XI, since my marathon is on hold, I still don’t know when I’ll reach it. I’m a bit intimidated though lol
  3. I didn't take that as a diss, I was just remarking that while I would love to make my own sprites, I know I wouldn't have the patience to do a good job. I'm better at sketching other work or real life architecture than being creative with my drawings.

    I've played with XP in the past as well and I had the versions ported to PS1 and PS2 so I've spent my time with it as well. I just need to get better at scripting and getting the code to do what I want when I want. I wish the scene creation aspect was closer to the program Alice since it used drop and drag with simple conditioning programs to really animate things. Then again I haven't spent as much time with XVA to know what's changed.
  4. Great! Yeah I wasn’t criticizing or anything, it’s great that those assets are there. Hope you have fun with it! I still need to get in deeper into it. I got MV, but I’ve used 2k3 and XP in the past, so it’s not complete new stuff for me
  5. XV Ace. Art is not my forte but the base system didn't have what I wanted for the project I was working on so one of the tile sets fitted what I needed. The other was just so cheap I figured why the hell not?
  6. Oooh nice! I got that Steam version as well. Which RPG Maker did you get? I didn’t get any additional tile sets myself out of the nave belief that I’ll be making my own assets or commissioning them lol

    This means my game will probably never get finished
  7. Due to the sale, I opted to pick up FFXI again on Steam with all the expansions. I also picked up some tile sets for RPG Maker and hope I can start back up on some of my older projects.
  8. Yeah, the sad truth is that the most interesting elements were all the heavy foreshadowing for the next arc. The Box, Luxu's identity, the return of the Foretellers, and all that stuff. I think the most annoying part of the plot was how focused it was on Sora despite the larger cast, because details from KHUX and some of the smaller elements from this entry show that Ventus is likely going to be dragged back into the spotlight later but his contribution to the story is incredibly lackluster. The game really should have expanded the story scope and incorporated more of the cast into it instead of just bringing everyone back ten minutes after the final world and then going to the final battle.
  9. Nah, just from looking at it, I feel the same way in terms of story. Union X has the intrigue that III just seems to lack completely. I’d still like to play it, but I don’t feel nearly as much hype for it as I did for BBS, 358/2 or 3D. It’s good we got Xehanort out of our system and can move on to new, more interesting things!
  10. Game. Set. And Match. KHIII Vanilla is done. Still debating about the ReMind DLC. maybe if it ever goes on sale I will consider it. Especially since the ending is a bit lackluster. Like it kind of ends with Sora going off to do something. Then it kind of shows it happened already, and then he's disappears. I know the ReMind deals with it and I've spoiled myself on the details, but kind of feels a bit weird regardless. I've also decided that the Birth by Sleep secret ending from KHIIFM was the last really cool secret ending the series ever did. KHIII's is more jarring than intriguing and Japan overuses the whole ''fictional character appears in Tokyo'' trope that it was rather boring in comparison. I'm also not exactly in love with the idea of Nomura trying to keep Versus XIII alive through KH. Like Yozora feels like Noctis during his angsty Hot Topic years. I'll gather my thoughts after I've had some time to mule over it and post in the thread. Not that I imagine I have any special hot take on this subject matter that hasn't already been mentioned in the last few years. Is it sad that I found Union X to be a more interesting game overall?
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