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  1. I still haven't finished it, I got to the final boss and then reset to do a few things. So I'm just now getting ready to do the final battles again. I did get the Ultima Keyblade though. I'm not going to farm more Wellspring Crystals to max out the rest of the keyblades either. I have been watching her video though.
  2. Looks like Buns just posted a video on KHIII. It’s been ages lol. I haven’t checked it out yet though. Funny that it’s out precisely now that you’ve just beaten the game
  3. Oof, I think it's safe to say that KHIII has the most obnoxious requirements to get the Ultima Keyblade short of maybe 3D. Most of the Orihalcum+ is hidden behind some of the side games but the two most obnoxious have to be the post card mini-event and the Frozen Slider missions. The post card event is pure RNG, so your best bet is to just get a postcard, save by the mailbox and then just save scum until you get it. Frozen Slider is a bit like the FFVII snowboard event just with a realistic mountain with multiple pathways to get down. Completing it is fairly easy, but there are ten special treasure hidden on the course and you need to acquire all ten to get the material. That one is the final one I need besides farming Wellspring Crystals on San Fransokyo. The weirdest thing about the synthesis system in this game is that some of the materials needed to complete it are locked behind finishing the game an ddoing the post game. Apparently the game unlocks optional battle challenges like the ones from 3D after you finish the game. Hell I've been told the Ultima Keyblade also can't be unlocked until then but I'm going to try anyway because I have six of the seven Ori+ materials needed.

    I also took down the two hidden bosses in the Gummi Ship section, one of which is required to get one of the seven Orihalcum+ materials but I took down the super hard optional boss for the trophy. Once I get the final material from Frozen slider and attempt the Ultima Keyblade I'll go back to the final areas and try to finish it properly this time. I sort of went back to an old save because I failed to take a picture of a boss for a synthesis recipe. I'm still debating whether the picture mechanic is cool or kind of just meh.
  4. Ooh thanks! I’ll have a listen!
  5. Probably should have waited for some special edition I guess. I just hope SE eventually discounts it. I'm still annoyed with Atlus' DLC for P5 that costs more than the standard game. Should probably just pick up Royal eventually.
  6. I’m happy that the eventual PC release actually comes with re:mind right away
  7. Yeah but I'm a little annoyed that I have to drop another $30 to get the part of the game I felt should have been in the original. I'm also a little sad that Oathkeeper and Oblivion were DLC only though in hindsight, it's not as important to have them here and they're fanservice to begin with so not as butthurt about that.
  8. I think the funniest scene I’ve seen online is Roxas and Ventus just looking at each other one time and that’s it. That’s all the interaction they get.

    Reading about it a bit more, I think re:mind might actually be addressing some of those issues you had.
  9. Also...
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