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  1. NIKKIBUTTS! It's been too long since we talked. My number is still the same as it's always been, if you still have it. We can talk about food~
  2. I miss youuuu~ (:
  3. My phone got cut off, and you don't have facebook, so if you've been texting and I haven't been answering, that is why. ; ~;
    What do you mean? Wasn't Sarah there?
    And I was without family as well. I had James though. It wasn't all bad. Just missed all of that delicious food. ; ~;
    I hope you're doing well... Miss you so~! <3
  4. This is going to be the first time in four years that I've spent Thanksgiving alone.
  5. I miss you too ;_;
  6. Tiggy, you're the only one who remembered my birthday. xD

    I miss you. D:

  7. That's still sad. ; ~;
  8. I have a mic, at least ;_;
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