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  1. Smokes and Shadows by Tanya Huff. First book in the trilogy that's a spin-off of another series. It is about Tony, a PA for a company making a syndicated vampire detective show, who basically learns magic and then deals with paranormal stuff that keeps happening to him and at the studio he works at.

    IT IS BY A CANADIAN SET IN CANADA. And she's a lesbian.
  2. Hell, the book I just finished had a gay villain but was a typical evil villain that happened to be gay (wanted to tap the protagonist who was incidentally gay as well).

    What book ;o I'm looking for something new to read. Tell me. TELL ME *shake*
  3. People are jerks and you don't have all your spells yet at least your level 50 ones. As long as the tank isn't dying or rarely does you're doing it right. DPS who die too much is their problem if they always get hit by mechanics. If they're mad you aren't dpsing then that's their problem. I mean if you're comfortable go for it but I hate when people think it is mandatory for a heal to dps, especially WHM.

    We should do a dungeon together or a trial of something!!!
  4. 43~ I keep being told I'm a terrible healer but I just keep healing anyway. Sack of potatoes? Well, I wouldn't say no if you're offering. I'm poor after all.
  5. Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 5. It was an endgame raiding dungeon before the expansion came out. There are 13 turns, but towards the end of it you didn't have to do each turn but just the last in each set to unlock the next.

    Flying through the levels! How did you find The sack of potatoes?
  6. What the hell is a t5 I never know what anyone is talking about. Bye Titan, bring it on Garuda. Level 41~
  7. Fair enough. People are idiots. :/

    Yup, I hate Titan. I loathe him. I have cleared T5 but yet to do Tiran Ex because of how much I hate Titan
  8. I don't feel bad lol People can rage quit all they want.

    Welp, after 100 years of runaround I made it to Titan. Thunder crash here. Then I had to quit as soon as I opened him up xD I'll get your sandy ass tomorrow, Titan.
  9. Yeah helps when leveling but can't have him out fighting when queuing for dungeons.

    Don't feel bad people are babies, I had a tank quit the dungeon because I was glamoured in a bathing suit. I was ilvl 116. And sometimes trout happens, not the end of the world, especially since you're new. People forget that here are new players. :/
  10. got my chocobo~ He's cute. He pecks pecks pecks away. Leveling Arcanist now to 15, phew. Must have white mage. Coz I'm a racist like dat.

    Some tank died on my watch and rage quit the dungeon lolol~~~
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