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  1. Of course, just... apply again! My silly brain didn't even think of that xD I shall, I shall.
  2. Matt had a good idea - throw an application in to our FC if you can. That way we can add you even if you're not online at the time.
  3. Oh, absolutely! I'm not on it at the moment but I'll bug the guys to re-invite you ASAP. Are you in the Facebook group? That'll make life a lot easier.
  4. I sent you some messages in Final Fantasy XIV, but they got lost in the shuffle~

    The short of it is, I left the free company not to clog up the list when I thought I wouldn't have the game anymore. Except I did have it for one more month, and now have it once again. So I feel silly for bothering to leave at all and was wondering if I could get invited back! ;O
  5. Wait what where how
  6. Danny boy, are you ignoring meh?
  7. Of course! I named my choco that just to take a screen and make a dumb, inappoproriate one-note joke about riding him all day and he wasn't even fazed. Rantz is infallible.
  8. Bahahaha, does Rantz know?
  9. No you're not! You're... you're... CHANGED. I was just getting to know you! Now we can never be one.
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