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  1. I think I said the exact same thing twice using different words. What are you up to heading into the end of summer?
  2. Haha I believe in having an apple garden orchid somewhere warm should be in the south.

  3. Somewhere south where it is warm! At least we have this picture that says we have an experience guide. As long as we believe
  4. Haha that sounds like it should be a national park it's so good! I think we may be on to something, we will have to keep under close surveillance. Where would you like to have our garden orchid of life? I'm thinking in order for the garden to survive we would have to have it in more warmer climates, so to the south is best!
  5. apple garden orchid of life forever
  6. I'm not bad, I'm decent hahaa. Well if it's going to be in our minds and hearts then we better make it super VIP sounding. How about an " apple orchid ".
  7. The garden lives on, it lives forever, it is in our minds and our hearts

    I am doing good thank you! How are you doing?
  8. Haha hey Alive-Girl, how are you doing? And I really like apples I think I'm liking this garden you speak of.
  9. An apple infested garden...
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