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  1. Hello Brianna, long time no see

    How have you been?
  2. God, you have such a superiority complex, it's pretty funny xD

    Why don't you go obsess over someone else for once?
  3. Don't ever forget...

    A Most Loved Man is the MASTER of YOUR UNIVERSE BRIANNA!

    I won. You Lost. You can not live without me or exist without me.
  4. Seriously, go away. You're not worth the lulz of your PMs anymore.
  5. Does that mean you're interested Brianna?

    I want you soooooooooo bad!

  6. You're sick.
  7. Give me a good reason why Brianna

    I'm a changed man now. I am A Most Changed Man!

    Let me prove my love for you!
  8. Yeah, well, I really don't wanna let you.
  9. We must fulfill our joint destiny as GREAT FRIENDS Brianna

    I'll be your bestest buddy if ya let me
  10. Oh my god. Go away.
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