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  1. Cool cool. I'm not sure how timed the recruit thing is, but the exp booster is a hat that you have until level 25 so best to get it early when it's useful :3
  2. I actually already am in the fb group! Bobby invited me

    And yeah, for now we're on free trial, but we'll join the FC eventually, I think. For now we're taking it slow and easy so we don't feel like we need any XP boosting stuff, but I'm sure it'll come in handy in the future, so we're gonna ask about that then for sure!
  3. Sup buttnerd. I hear you play FFXIV now with the lady friend. If you'd like we can shoot you invites via the recruit a friend campaign to get you free stuff like exp boosting items etc. Info of that is here -

    Also you should both request to join - It's our facebook group for the free company~
  4. You? Come off as a dick?

    Oh Matt, you're adorable
  5. Yeah I just reset my stats on pretty much everyone. I think Archopes and Amuras or whatever still had about half of the gauge in random stats.

    Maybe next time. (PS I knew I would lose, but I'm a terrible loser. Sorry if I come off as a dick xD)
  6. GG, Matt! I'll go ahead and upload the video
  7. Dammit!

    And I could've had you when you were at your weakest.
  8. Lets go. Was punching some bags there~
  9. Okay, I'll be right with ya. Eating now
  10. Yeah sure. You'll face me in my whole un EV-trained glory!

    Working on that though, hopefully
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