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  1. Apparently not. It's so hard to tell when pictures are links. I happened upon the Zelda rap a few months back. (It really is smurfing hilarious btw)
  2. You've never accidentally clicked my signature then eh?
  3. Huh it took me way too long to realize your avatar and sig are from the good old Zelda rap.
  4. Shoobie do bah!
  5. That sig video O.o
  6. Not intentionally, but I just rolled with it. I tend to add a video link on my signatures, and this was the best crossover I could find xD
  7. Oh wow I didn't even notice the video link. Quite a nice crossover, I must say^^
    I was wondering if that typo was on purpose or not :P
  8. With the name change, I accidental spelled "Formerly" as "Formally" so I looked for Formal anime/game characters. Most lead me to black butler, but this is what I ended up with.

    I've also got a video link in my signature, you may enjoy the crossover
  9. Your Haruhi picture is quite magnificent^^
  10. Yeah you do need to have the patience for visual novels. For me it was a matter of getting to know my favorite storylines more, which I couldn't resist. And once I got through Clannad, I was hooked on visual novels. But they're not for everyone, and I will admit they take up a lot of time.
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