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  1. heyyy Matt!
    we have to battle eachother!
    when do you have time?
  2. I have most of the TMs so I gave him some moves. I have heard that the stones are random in the Lumiose City Shop. I can buy fire stones there so I bought like 10 thinking I'd need them all. Only 4 or 5 pokemon actually evolve using the fire stone so I have lots of duplicates. It also lets you evolve it when you want to. :3
  3. hey! thanks for the growlith i see it caries a fire stone :o nice
  4. aw dammit, i was there but distracted :P was playing a game and totaly forgot about it :l
    come back pls xD haha
  5. UK based here, so we are one hour behind you. I'll say 19:00 CET so I can get home from work and stuff tomorrow.
  6. do you live in europe? becaus else i wouldnt know what time to come online, haha!
    anyway. ill make sure to be online tomorrow (17 march) afternoon somewhere after 18:00 (CET+1) xD
  7. I can be online pretty much any time from now to Midnight (6 hours from now). Just shoot me a message and we'll trade
  8. hey, is there any time in particular that you will be online somwhere this week? becaus i really want that growlith (a)
    let me know
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