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  1. It's both!
  2. It's Danish. Yourself?
  3. Hey bacon. Hows it shakin'?
  4. Yeah, they did a whole advert surrounding it around the time of ocarina of time 3DS. According to wikipedia his son was also named after a character in final fight.
  5. Also did you know that Robin Williams named his daughter after Zelda? That's so bloomin' cool.
  6. The white chocolate one isn't that nice really. I'd prefer it if it was just a massive chunk of white chocolate. Wafers taste weird inside white chocolate. It's like mmm creamy, milky, tast... CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH LOLIMAWAFER
  7. I love the peanut butter one. It disappeared for a while in the UK, but it came back recently which was aces. The hazelnut one was also limited edition, and I've not seen it since it's launch, but that too is awesome stuff.

    Never tried white chocolate though...
  8. Rock your world time

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