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  1. Hi do you want to plqy theatrythm?
  2. thank you.. sorry for bothering you with these dum b questions
  3. Finals will last 3 days cause it's the finals but the rest lasts 2 days.
  4. cool do they last the same amount of time? ( the finals and runner up)
  5. 2 days. Voting closes tomorrow. Runner up round starts on Saturday. and Finals starts on Monday.
  6. hi again. im just wondering hw long the semi-finals last, i dont think you made a post about it but oh well. sorry for the bother.
  7. Not sure in that case. Would probably extend the voting for another day.
  8. this aint worth the PM.
    well you know how there was a tie when FF CC vs FF XI. then the whole nominations thing took place.

    well uh what would happen if the nominations were tied ( or have you deliberatly set it so that cant happen)

    anyway this was another random question by Me. have a good day and bye
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