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  1. I know the people in your sig. My brother used to have their action figures.

    Never saw the show, though.
  2. Road Rash 3D was a PlayStation exclusive. I haven't heard of any Road Rash games that were on the 3DO.
  3. Is that the 3DO one? One of the best games on the console and supposedly the best Road Rash? Haven't had the pleasure, though one of my favorite nostalgia gaming YouTube channels Game Sack seem to hold it in really high regard. I'd give it a spin. I wonder how well 3DO emulates
  4. But have you ever played Road Rash 3D? That was always my favorite. And III. I think III was the first one I played.

    I have all of them now. Just more games on the backlog I need to play.
  5. I did. I think I played all the Genesis ones. Never owned or rented them. But they came up frequently on the SEGA Channel, and my elementary friends and I enjoyed them all the time. Good old Sega Channel
  6. My name was almost on every single most recent post at the bottom today.

    The only Atari games I got to play were through the Atari Anniversary Edition Redux game, and that was more the arcade versions than the home consoles. Oh, and Yars' Revenge Remake on their official site. Had I known that game was available on Game Boy I would have played that instead.

    Motorcycle games are fun, though. Ever played Road Rash?
  7. And so it is! I was actually trying to think on that one. Ive played versions of ping and pacman but not the really old originals. I have played one or two Atari 2600 games on an original but I'm not positive what. Just some motorcycle game like excite bike
  8. What is the oldest game you ever played?
    This should be a thread topic...
  9. Zombies are too busy fighting plants to worry about pirates.
  10. Ha, no, it's actually an old joke. Though it wouldn't surprise me. Pirates and zombies are hip these past few years
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