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  1. Oh man that would be so smurfing cool!!
  2. I found out you can buy a house without needing any kind of visa for it, and there's a huge market for very reasonably priced and nice houses. So tempting, in a very pie in the sky kind of way! Do 6 months in Japan, 6 months in Dominican Republic; what a life.
  3. Me too! A friend of mine moved to Osaka a few years back and he always looks like he's having the best time.
  4. Would love to live there haha
  5. Such a weird, weird place.
  6. Gotta love Japan. xD
  7. Very true!

    Definitely. There are definitely times when it gets a bit tropey and pervy, but that's to be expected for a Japanese game I suppose!
  8. Breaking games by using the tools available to you is just the best. I think it's why everyone loves BotW so much!

    Japanese entertainment media absolutely loves putting high school students through some trout, huh? xD
  9. Yeah I love having a proper choice like that. I tried to do the non-lethal choices in Dishonored, but it didn't always work out, haha :P

    I just remember seeing it on Steam and thinking it looked interesting - it's about a bunch of high school students who are forced to kill each other, like a Japanese Hunger Games. I enjoy visual novels when I just want to enjoy a story with minimal gameplay.
  10. Good thing about Dishonored (and also Prey): the level design is awesome, and there's always another way to solve a problem. That's what I like so much about the genre: proper player choice! Highlllyyyyyyy recommend Prey.

    Ooh, I've never played a VN before. What brought you onto that?
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