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  1. Oh yeah, I got my BA in psychology last year. I did have a job in the field for a while, but I left it because it was just way too stressful for any normal human being (and severely underpaid)
  2. did you ever finish the psychology degree or math? I forget what you ended up doing
  3. Aah I see. Yeah I get the same feeling really, the excitement is already gone again. And argh I don't use fb or aim like ever anymore
  4. I lurk but rarely see anything worth posting to. still on fb aim etc
  5. Allieeeee I'm back kinda

    Where are you, I missed you D:
  6. Indeed.
  7. well then~
  8. Isn't it nice? I'm not BoB anymore.
  9. phew, I feel back to normal now!
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