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  1. I mean they can't fire me here haha well they can but then they'd be so lost for editor stuff. Even with the new people, i have that seniority thing
  2. If you couldn't drop truth bombs here, there'd be no point in coming.
  3. See I like EoFF because all this pent up knowledge I can refute stupid things on from my frustration at work, i can release it on poor eoffers xD
  4. I'm technically 40 miles form the border
  5. Eww. Texas is, like, the literal worst.
  6. I think i'd have to convince him a lot. You see he loves Texas. I know, what a weirdo. And he wants to move there instead and i'm like grrooooaaaannnnn.
  7. Given the state of the Canadian dollar, he'd probably come out ahead if he sold it and moved here with you.
  8. Lol I would have to uproot the boyfriend too and he did that whole bought a house thing.
  9. Cost of living isn't bad in New Brunswick. You should immigrate and we can be roommates.
  10. If the cost of living wasn't so freaking cheap here, I would be on my way out asap. But it's so cheeeeeap so it's nice.
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