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  1. BB is pretty awesome. Honestly the game has been really interesting. In a post-apocalyptic world, it would be the delivery people who would likely see the most action.
  2. You konw, the main reason I'm interested in Death Stranding is that there is a baby in a prominent role.
  3. Oh Takahashi and his archetypes. Not that I can't say the same about Kojima. Death Stranding may not have much to do with MGS, but you can feel the franchise's influence everywhere. Hell, even the part of the game where Sam gets recruited to help Bridges feels like a callback to MGS1's secret briefing with Solid Snake, which itself is a homage to Escape from New York.
  4. So I'm reminded how X has all the typical Xeno character expies, but I like the fact that the guy you think is the Uzuki character actually has another role altogether, but it's actually another, optional character (who is nonetheless present throughout the game's plot) that's the actual Uzuki dude. Without the name, though, much like Dunban.
  5. To be fair, I have like 25-30 different story ideas jotted down on a file to work on, and of all those titles, only about four of them illicit that feeling from me. Even then, I'm still not so sure any of them will ever see the light of day at the pace I'm working on them.
  6. Man, that's awesome. I envy you.
  7. The only good thing that has happened for me lately is that I've been working on my novel again. I gave up NaNo really quickly partly due to losing interest in my project rather quickly. To the point that is may be one of the few story projects I'm going to can indefinitely because I don't feel I have an interesting hook for it that will keep me focused. On the other hand, Tactics Ogre got me looking back at one of my novels, and Death Stranding has me wanting to work on my main novel. Some of the elements of the story is reminiscent to some ideas I had for it, so I'm getting inspired to go back to it and rewrite a few sections while finally moving forward with it.

    While my main novel is still a mess, I still love the fact that it makes me excited. Even when I doubt my skills to make it come to life, I still feel a real sense of pride and excitement when I think about the plot and characters.
  8. Man, same. I've actually been not writing at all for the Independence Day long weekend we just had and I alternated between playing Baldur's Gate 2, Final Fantasy X-2, and actually replaying Xenoblade Chronicles X since I didn't feel I played it properly the first time. I just felt pulled to it somehow (don't judge). And see, just now I started and noticed that Mira has 5 moons, all of which are translucent, and that the sun both rises and sets on the west and actually disappears immediately after daybreak/shows up just for sunset, which you could chalk up to technical limitations, but considering the revelations that happen later, I'm inclined to believe it's intentional.
  9. I'll try to get to it. I've just been over-indulging in distractions for the sake of my psyche.
  10. No worries. I've honestly also kind of put that project on the back-burner for a while as I work on my short stories this month, so I don't really think there's a rush with this - or even a need for more feedback. Hopefully I can get something more from you once I have my manuscript ready. So yeah, don't worry about that
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