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  1. I feel the genre definitely hit its peak in the 80 and 90s when technological science fiction was more prevalent. There are a number of mecha series that do still exist, but I feel that they either don't get as much notice since more shounen and Iseki style anime are popular or in some cases, the mecha are actually overshadowed by other elements in their plot which you'll notice with some of my real robot suggestions.
  2. I’ll probably need to watch more to really get a feel what makes these genres stand out from each other. I still find it funny how the most popular mecha show in recent years had to pretty much disguise the fact that it’s mecha. It’s so weird how mecha used to be an incredibly prevalent anime genre, and now it’s pretty much find aside from the Evangelion remakes and very occasional tv shows.
  3. Wouldn't classify it as either, but if I had to give a guess I would say Super Robot since it lacks the logistical side of real robots genre. Honestly, Rayearth barely counts as well.
  4. Btw, out of curiosity. I’m not sure how much you know about the show, but would you classify Attack on Titan as a super robot or real robot show?
  5. Alright, I'll start compiling a list for you.
  6. Everything
  7. Well the first question I need to ask is whether you want Super Robot, Real Robot, or both?
  8. So I’ve got a request. You’re a mecha fan. As much as I like the genre, my experience with it is pretty pitiful. My brother’s been pushing more and more brainstorming ideas on me for our comic thing, so I think it’s time I did some more research. I was wondering if you could maybe make me a list of mecha anime that you think are must-sees? I mean, I’d love to see them all but there’s just so many I don’t think it’d be feasible. I just really need a rundown of a medium as a whole - some classics, some that you find particularly noteworthy, those that defined a generation - you get the picture. Or at least some pointer on where to start?
  9. Very nice. Bulgarian choirs are certainly pleasant to listen to.
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